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WILD THING POSE (CAMATKARASANA) How to perform Start in Three Legged Dog with


DOLPHIN POSE(ARDHA PINCHA MAYURASANA) [gallery columns="2" ids="14697,14698"]   Steps Hold just above the elbows to measure distance and place forearms on the mat. Interlace the fingers

9th of June - International Dog Yoga DayToday, hundreds of yoga loving pet owners joined in a global campaign to end the controversial dog

WIDE-LEGGED FORWARD BEND(PRASARITA PADOTTANASANA) HOW TO PERFORM • Step the feet as widely apart as feels comfortable for you, using the length of your mat side

Seated Forward Fold(Paschimottanasana)   How to perform Start in Dandasana with a feeling of lifting away from the ground beneath. Take the hands in prayer position above

SEATED TWIST (Marichyasana III) How to Perform Sit on the floor. If you have tight hips and hamstrings, elevate the hips by sitting on a folded blanket.

HALF SADDLE/HERO POSE HOW TO PERFORM • Sitting with both legs extended tuck the left leg backwards and nd your seat comfortable on the earth. Lift

(URDHVA PRASARITA EKA PADASANA) HOW TO PERFORM • From standing begin to come into a forward fold and place your ngertips on the oor. You may

Hanumanasana(SPLITS) HOW TO PERFORM • From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot forwards and through. Press your legs and hips to the ground, initially keeping

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