As complementary and alternative medicines and yoga continue to enjoy a boom in popularity so does the need to raise standards and improve practice.

Most of us lead busy lives. We spend our time running from one thing to the next, rarely pausing to consider, “Why am I

Author and purposeful living catalyst Sarah Rozenthuler shares seven top tips for Living Your Heart’s Desire and fulfilling your deepest potential What happens if you

Many people are drawn to the well-documented and well-researched benefits of yoga for stress reduction. Mostly though, they continue because they feel the very

There are so many things that are wonderful about going to yoga classes and being taught by your favourite teacher giving her energy, time

I led my first retreat in Egypt over 10 years ago, taking a small group of my regular students away for a week. It was

On International Day of Happiness, Pete Bartlett - Founder of Meditate Now - invites you to “join the campaign for a happier world” and

MINDFULNESS Its Journey, Its Future BY KAREN ATKINSON, DIRECTOR OF MINDFULNESS UK It has been my privilege and delight to have been in a position to witness

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