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Yoga was already becoming many things to many people two


Special Yoga’s global mission is to help as many   children with special and additional needs reach their fullest potential. We believe that all children

Yoga Series For Young adults Facing or who have Faced cancer in Southampton and London Cancer charity Trekstock have launched a restorative yoga series for

Since it was set up last year, Wild at Heart Foundation has worked tirelessly to support animal welfare projects, in particular to reduce the

Today, 597 million of India’s people practise open defecation. Open defecation has devastating side e ects. It’s been shown to cause cholera, typhoid and

For more than 20 years Chain of Hope has brought life-saving heart treatments to children in developing and war-torn countries. The charity supports the

Compassion in Action in the Himalayas ‘Karuna’ means ‘compassion’ in Sanskrit, and it’s what we bring to thousands of vulnerable and under-served people in Tibet,

The Teapot Trust is a UK charity providing a nationwide art therapy and creative interventions programme for chronically ill children in hospitals and hospices. Our

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