Ustrasana is a great pose to open the chest, enhancing


This awakening sequence is designed to integrate visualisation techniques with the


From Dandasana draw the legs out, keeping the knees pulled gently towards the quads, the back of the thighs and sit bones firmly

Start in Dandasana with a feeling of lifting away from  the ground beneath. Take the hands in prayer position above the crown and from

Starting in Plank pose making sure the eyeline is down to the floor, the chin is in line with the fingertips and the core/centre

Jo is the owner and resident yoga guide at Yoga Holidays Turkey founded in 2009 with freedom-seekers coming year after year to indulge in

When deciding on an advanced pose, I gave it a lot of thought. For me, there is so much emphasis on shapes and dynamic

Rest your forehead on the floor and place your hands on the ground, elbows bent, with your fingertips just peeking out Over the edge

Start in a tabletop position on all four: hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips

My practice draws on both body psychotherapy and yogic theories. I encourage students and myself to work within our ‘feeling’ channel, and to be

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