Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) How To Perform • Begin in Warrior II with


This inspiring sequence will stretch and strengthen the body while


This sequence is an arm balance flow to strengthen the arms and open the hips while building focus and confidence. 1. Start in Downward Facing

Side Plank Variation (VASISTHASANA)   How To Perform • Begin in Plank pose then move the heels back so that your shoulders are stacked slightly behind your wrists

Side Plank with toe hold (VASISTHASANA) How To Perform  • From the Side Plank variation, take the gaze down to the oor rst as it’s easier to

Esther Ekhart from guides us through this month's sequence. Feel strong and open and radiate your energy out in all directions with this powerful Vasisthasana

Cow Face Pose (GOMUKASANA) Gomukasana is a wonderful pose as you get an opening of the shoulders and the hips. HOW TO PERFORM • From Dandasna bend both

Standing Forward Bend (PADAHASTASANA) HOW TO PERFORM Stand in Tadasana, feet hip-width apart. Lift the arches of the feet, lift the inner knees and elongate the legs. Lift

Hands-Free Handstand (MUKTAHASTA SIRSASANA) HOW TO PERFORM First come into Salamba Sirsasana. Elbows shoulder-width apart, forearms pressed into floor, fingers interlaced and the ulnar point of the wrist

Revolved Half Moon Pose ARVRTTA ARDHA CHANDRASANA HOW TO PERFORM • Start in Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III) with your left leg extended back and your right hand

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