From Dandasana draw the legs out, keeping the knees


When deciding on an advanced pose, I gave it a


Side Plank with toe hold (VASISTHASANA) How To Perform  • From the Side Plank variation, take the gaze down to the oor rst as it’s easier to

Hands-Free Handstand (MUKTAHASTA SIRSASANA) HOW TO PERFORM First come into Salamba Sirsasana. Elbows shoulder-width apart, forearms pressed into floor, fingers interlaced and the ulnar point of the wrist

Revolved Half Moon Pose ARVRTTA ARDHA CHANDRASANA HOW TO PERFORM • Start in Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III) with your left leg extended back and your right hand

Feathered Peacock Pose PINCHA MAYURASANA Pregnancy is not the time to start an inversion practice. However, if you are experienced, are having a normal pregnancy and

ONE-LEGGED ARM BALANCE VARIATION (EKA PADA KOUNDINYASANA 2) HOW TO PERFOM Begin in Plank pose, make sure the heels of hands are underneath the shoulders and