Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) How To Perform • Begin in Warrior II with


Side Plank Variation (VASISTHASANA)   How To Perform • Begin in Plank pose then


Cow Face Pose (GOMUKASANA) Gomukasana is a wonderful pose as you get an opening of the shoulders and the hips. HOW TO PERFORM • From Dandasna bend both

Standing Forward Bend (PADAHASTASANA) HOW TO PERFORM Stand in Tadasana, feet hip-width apart. Lift the arches of the feet, lift the inner knees and elongate the legs. Lift

Warrior III with Eagle Arms VIRABHADRASANA III WITH GARUNDASANA ARMS HOW TO PERFORM • Stand in Mountain Pose. • Bring your arms out at shoulder level. Wrap your

 HEADSTAND SPLITS (UTTHITA PADA SIRASASANA) HOW TO PERFORM   Come into Child’s pose, lift your head up. Clasp your hands around the opposite arms, get correct measurement

LORD OF THE DANCER POSE (NATARAJASANA) How To Perform • Stand with the feet the distance of the sitting bones and establish a steady connection to the earth.