Words: Kem McIntosh Lee As spring and summer unfold, we are


So, you love yoga, maybe you have been practising for


What are your favourite materials to work with, and why? Like many sculptors, originally, when I first trained, I learned how to sculpt with clay. Today

VIRASANA HERO POSE HOW TO PERFORM Come into a kneeling position. knees a comfortable distance apart and gently lower your buttocks down onto your heels keeping

Hope and help for people with mental illness Rethink Mental Illness is a national charity that believes a better life is possible for people for

The Shala was one of the capital’s first dedicated yoga centres and it has a long-standing reputation for offering high quality authentic yoga. Set

Milochie was founded on people-centered values and sustainable business and manufacturing practices, but what about the community nearest (and dearest) to us in Bath?

Standing asanas strengthen the legs and ankles, bring flexibility into the hip joints and prepare the body for more challenging asanas. By practising these

YOUR YOGA STUDIO AT HOME Yogi2Me is the first on demand yoga services offering yoga and wellness experiences directly to people’s home, office or local

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