This is a beautiful breath-synchronised sequence which flows from one


This is a great pose to work towards as you


Forearm Stand is a brilliant pose for gaining confidence upside down. It requires both strength and flexibility in the shoulders so ensure you warm

This is a beautiful pose to build strength in your core. It is ideal to practise before arm balances to awaken your abdominal muscles

Practise this sequence to prepare the body before performing the three main poses. Pranayama Breathing Exercising  (5 MINUTE MEDITATION) Seated in Siddhasana (Accomplished / Perfect pose). Begin to

This is an excellent hip and groin opener. Performing this pose brings quality of surrender, humility and devotion. HOW TO PERFORM From Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward

An excellent hip and groin opener. It metaphysically opens up the groin area helping to relieve sexual inhibitions and guilt. HOW TO PERFORM Seated comfortably on

This is an excellent pose for stretching the entire front of the body, glutes and strengthening the abdominal. It is a therapeutic pose for

HOW TO PERFORM • Begin by standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Fix your gaze (drishti) on something steady and still. Bend the right leg, drawing

HOW TO PERFORM • From either hands and knees or Downward Facing Dog, place the right knee behind right wrist. Draw the right shin to

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