What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day: Ecology and Yoga Festival, 23 April 2016 with Advaya Initiative

Earth Festival

To celebrate Earth Day 2016, Advaya Initiative are bringing together a group of game- changing activists, ecologists and yogis to change the way we live our lives and engage with the world around us. The festival is filled with yoga, meditation and sound healing workshops from renowned Stewart Gilchrist, Colin Dunsmuir and Miranda Taylor, as well as music and inspiring talks from key figures in the worlds of Ecology and Yoga. A delicious, locally-sourced vegan lunch will be served in a beautiful garden area, and drinks and snacks will be provided through the day giving us plenty of time to meet like-minded people. The venue is The Hoxton, Shoreditch in London, a relaxed and intimate space with fantastic energy.

A limited number of tickets are available here!

Advaya Initiative are known for their fun, inspiring and diverse events. As a young environmental-wellbeing platform they focus on empowering individuals to live in greater harmony with the environment and themselves. From festivals to supper clubs, their multi- faceted events and materials are designed to expand horizons and inspire audiences to be activists for more sustainable, ethical and environmentally aware lifestyles. Ultimately to be an activists for peace on the outside, we must also be activists in our own lives. This is where practices such as yoga and meditation come in, as once we create positive change on an internal level we are better equipped to tackle the issues that surround us.

Advaya Initiative

Satish Kumar

The wonderful Satish Kumar with a standing ovation at Advaya Initiative’s Day of Yoga, Ecology and Music held in September 2015

Advaya Initiative supper club

Advaya Initiative Supper Club, May 2015

The venue

to keep up with Advaya Initiative and upcoming events, visit their website / Facebook / Instagram

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