Charlie Merton Curvy Yoga Specialist

Charlie Merton FullMy interest in esoteric practices developed alongside starting yoga in my early 20s, and I began to study various healing modalities building my experience with subtle energies. As my yoga practice evolved, it became a fundamental part of solving my inner puzzle. Yoga in its entirety offered me a spiritual practice working with my body and mind through which I began to discover my Self and learn acceptance.

I became compelled to expand my knowledge and experience specifically around Bhakti yoga and Vedanta. After almost a decade of practising and studying various methods of yoga, I journeyed to Northern India and trained with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta. Since returning from teacher training, my practice of yoga and meditation continued to evolve as I qualified to teach Yin yoga and Yoga for Children and Teens. I thrive on expanding my knowledge and therefore feel it important to surround myself with inspiring teachers to enhance my own practice and teaching.

Passionate that yoga is for everybody, I teach therapeutic yoga to teenagers in specialist units, alongside my teaching schedule across London, which includes Hatha, Hatha-flow, Dynamic asana, Yin yoga and ‘Curvy’ yoga (online). My teaching style is strongly influenced by my own diverse practice, experience as a healer and as a trainee music therapist. I practise a range of styles from Jivamukti and Dharma Mittra, to Yin and Hatha Yoga all complimented with a Kundalini kriya practice to spiritually challenge me.

I feel privileged to teach yoga to such a wide range of people. My aim is to teach from the heart with the upmost integrity and devotion to my students. As a size 14 yoga body, it’s been important to enable and inspire my students to find their own expression of the postures while working safely within their unique body. I embody a nurturing approach and aim to serve my students as individuals through inclusive, supportive and encouraging language – embracing body positivity and self-acceptance. Above all, my belief is that self-esteem begins with loving and accepting oneself, and yoga is a wonderful tool to do just that.

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