How to perfrom

Starting in Plank pose making sure the eyeline is down to the floor, the chin is in line with the fingertips and the core/centre is solidly tucked into the lower back.  Start by lowering the knees to the floor so that they are behind the hips and as you present the tail and crown up, lower the chest to the floor in line with the hands. Points of contact with the floor are toes, knees, chest, hands and chin. Crown and tail are facing up and the elbows are pinned to the waist.


Increases the elasticity of the spinal column, tones the  spinal nerves and improves the functioning of the spinal cord. This pose also touches on all the chakras, opening, releasing each one back to alignment which in turn effects the whole endocrine system.


If lowering from Plank pose is too taxing, start by lying   on the belly with the hands directly in line with the chest and the elbows drawn to the waist, tuck the toes under so that they are gripping the floor and then draw the knees towards the chest as far as the body allows


Avoid this pose if you have any spinal ailments, mainly  cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

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