My mum trained as a yoga teacher in South Africa during the 1970s, so I came into a family that already had a connection with yoga. It was however, well into my late 20s when I began to understand more deeply the benefits of building an inner dialogue with one’s own body and mind and importantly one’s own heart.
At the tender age of four I caught a strep throat infection that unusually localised down into my kidneys. This prompted a form of nephritis that lead to the gradual scarring of these beautiful organs and hence necessitated haemodialysis at the age of 14. I received the gift of a cadaveric kidney transplant at 21. This came with an enormous challenge and recovery, but also returned to me a great sense of freedom. I had 18 and a half years with this kidney, however a bad flu triggered chest sepsis and renal failure last year as the kidney has been struggling in the later years. Those years allowed me huge opportunity of spiritual growth including training to be a yoga teacher initially in Spain and then onto Peru in 2015 for my 500-hour teacher training that was utterly magical.

Where I am now is on peritoneal dialysis that requires an abdominal catheter and I am delighted to discover in the healing process that this has not limited me in my yoga practice, and I continue to live a full and active life. This whole journey has been so helpful in bringing to light what is truly important.

As part of this journey, I left the hectic world of private banking to set up my business, Wholly Aligned four years ago. Having experienced the profound peace that comes from a regular yoga and meditation ritual, it lifts my spirits high to be able to share this knowledge with others.

For more information, visit and follow her @whollyaligned and look for the Wholly Aligned YouTube channel.

Pictures by Nik Strangelove

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