Claire Berghorst


Claire’s journey into yoga commenced when she attended her first yoga class in her early twenties. Arriving at an Ashtanga Primary series led class with no expectations, she was completely mesmerised by the synchronised movements, the flowing breath and total sense of calm. In that morning she found her practice and her teacher.

Whilst still eagerly pursuing a corporate career she continued to practise but often at the peril of a very busy workload. Over time she started to realise that her job wasn’t making her happy the way she once thought it would, and craved more time to just ‘be’. She felt increasingly drawn to her practice, and dreamt of teaching.

In 2008 Claire took the plunge and signed up for her teacher training qualification with her teacher in South Africa. Shortly after completing her training she emigrated to the UK with her family and quickly established herself as a yoga teacher in Surrey. Over the last few years she has taught an increasing number of classes and students, complemented with several topic-specific workshops.

In 2012 she completed a second teacher training course focusing on Ashtanga and continues to regularly attend courses and workshops; always a student first, she loves to share her knowledge and help others to grow in their practice. She has enjoyed watching the yoga community literally explode over the last few years and being part of a great network of teachers supporting

Claire’s passion for yoga is readily experienced in her classes as she gently guides her students through strong and creative flows. She enjoys finding that perfect balance between strength, flexibility and a steady mind. This balance translates into her own life, where her passion for family, health, wellness and abundance merge.

In a class with Claire expect to breathe, move, laugh and sweat! She has recently started to offer classes online as a mechanism for students, to maintain a regular practice, when they don’t have time to make it to a regular class. Her online class portfolio includes a mix of dynamic flows of varying lengths as well as some more restorative yoga nidra sessions.

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Photography by Kim Blondell: [email protected]

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