December 1, 2023
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Words: Mike Murphy

The universe is vast and vibrates at a higher frequency. To be one with it, we must transcend our limits to raise to our higher being that vibrates at the same frequency. When the most outstanding scientist in the world acknowledges the existence of a higher power, it is solid proof. It is when we unlock our power and manifest the life we want. Our dreams come true, and we are at peace.

It all starts with taking care of your body. Your spiritual reality will reflect in your temple- your body. And what better way to bring your spirit, soul, and body in unison than yoga? Yoga helps align your whole being and increase the flow of energy. It is a powerful tool for manifestation.


Since kindergarten, we all have heard that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Hence, it is essential to take care of your body. It is the temple where our spirit lives. You should honour it and nurture the house that houses our inner being.

You could be the most spiritually aligned person, but you cannot enjoy your reality if your body is unhealthy. Your body consists of living conscious cells. They need nourishment. The more you care for your body, the more it can love, give, and create. Leave enjoying; you won’t be able to unlock the full potential of your dream life.

Einstein said, “Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit m

But how does one make their body able? How do you raise the frequency of your body to house a powerful essence- your inner being? The answer is simple- you take care of it. You practice healthy habits that make your body feel loved. One of the best things you can do for your body is yoga. It helps you care for your body and align it with your mind. Yoga cultivates positive energy, calms your mind, and lets you practice gratitude. It helps focus your energy and reach a higher level of self-awareness.


Other than yoga, there are some healthy practices you should follow in your daily routine. They will nourish your body and spirit.

  1. Consume an alkaline diet. It simply means that you eat organic, plant-based food.
  2. Always stay hydrated. Water is crucial element of the earth and is vital to our well-being. Your body is 70% water, so give it its fill.
  3. Keep your body free from toxins. These may include alcohol cigarettes, white sugar, processed food, or pesticide neurotoxins.
  4. Please stay away from stressinduced activities since they can lower your frequency. These activities can cause addiction and pull you into a vicious cycle. Avoid sex addiction, gambling, media addiction, or excessive shopping.
  5. Keep your body in movement. Your body is filled with oxygen and feels energised. Action brings in a new flow of energy and a new mindset.

Once you bring these practices into your daily life, you can already feel like a new version of yourself. Your body and mind are ready to embrace your new reality, so let’s see how you can bring your desired reality to life!


I firmly believe that we have our destiny in our hands. Each person can create the life they desire. Everyone can live a life of fulfilment and meaning regardless of their present or origin. After all, it’s your life, and you have the right and the power to lead it in a way that makes you happy and satisfied.

However, there is no magic spell to create your desired reality. It is not a problem with a quick-fix solution. Co-creating your reality demands patience and practice. It requires manifesting with a firm belief. I have narrowed down the whole concept into three vital methods. Think of them as the three keys to manifestation. I am not giving you a to-do list to tick off every day. Instead, consider them as the inner state of being. Once you embody this beautiful way into your life, you can rise to your higher state and effectively co-create your reality.

  1. Dig Deep into the Subconscious
    Our life is a result of our previous and current patterns. These patterns are deeply rooted in our subconscious that create our reality. Our behaviours, habits, and beliefs that stem from our subconscious affect our life. They might be the reason you are facing obstacles in your life. But it can also become your biggest strength. Once you unlearn old destructive habits and thought processes, you can unlock your creative power.
    Simply learning to think positively only engages your conscious mind. You need to go deeper and connect to your infinite mind. You can unlearn your conditioning when you bypass your aware programming and enter your subconscious mind. You can learn new patterns and imprint unique desires into your mind, becoming an effective co-creator.
    The first stop for your mind is fear. Once you transcend this limiting emotion, you can rise to your infinite state. You reach a place where everything is possible and find your true self. So, when you write and vocally repeat your intentions, you create a new image for yourself by imprinting a new belief into your subconscious.
  1. Creating Purposeful Habits
    A human being is a creature of habit. We walk the familiar path every day we create with our similar patterns. Some change, and some follow their routine till the last breath. Some of these habits are destructive and hinder us from becoming our best version. So it is essential to change those patterns by ditching bad habits. Is it possible to change our practices? Yes, absolutely! They don’t change overnight; instead, it takes patience and time. And a lot of willpower too. You need to be willing to change your life.
    The truth is that it does not depend much on changing the habit per se. It requires changing the thoughts that drive those habits. Once you own your power, you can quickly shift your reality by inculcating positive habits. You will send the perfect vibrations into the universe to manifest your success.
  1. Realising your Purpose/ Calling
    Contrary to broader perceptions, self-fulfilment DOES come from the greater good. If you think you will feel ultimate satisfaction by realising all your goals and personal dreams, think again. Human beings are energetic beings. We are energetically connected to the universe- from the little flower to the vastness of the sky. Unless we feed that connection, we cannot feel fully at peace. We are indeed at ease when we are in oneness with our world. To create your perfect life, you need to find the connection between your personal desires and the greater good.

We all relate manifestation with getting or receiving, but it is far from true. The real power of manifestation or attraction is giving. We always think we will help others after getting what we want. Love, generosity, and love are just an afterthought after personal gains. But the universe is not like that. The energy of compassion is what drives our universe. To integrate this element of giving since the very beginning of your manifestation. Many people fail to understand the transformative power of selflessness and giving. It is the secret that matters, but people do not consider it. Hence, we fail to manifest our most authentic desires, and our inner peace escapes our grasp.

Not only can you create the life of your dreams, but it also changes how you envision your dream life. When you ditch old limiting patterns and realise the true nature of your purpose, you can connect with your inner being. You can unlock the power that has been there inside you all along and co-create your reality. Be happy and at peace with yourself. Live the life you always envisioned.

Now your dream can be yours with the creation frequency!

Mike Murphy dedicated his life to helping people achieve their dreams and manifest their deepest desires. Bestselling author, Mike has created a programme – “The Creation Frequency” using knowledge ha was gathering for over three decades. It teaches us to overcome the obstacles that hinder our growth and work with the universe rather than against it.

He is also the founder of the Love from Margot Foundation, which he started in 2012 in honour of his late wife Margot Murphy who battled cancer. Currently, Mike is building a centre in Medellin, Colombia called Mountains of Hope dedicated to retreats that will help people from all over the world unleash their inner power, heal and create lives they love.

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