Cobbler Pose



• Sitting down with your sit bones grounded evenly, bend your legs into you and hug your knees towards your chest with a straight back.

• Letting go of your legs, place your hands on the oor and gently allow your knees to fall away from each other on either side of you and as you bring the soles of your feet together. If there is a lot of space between the oor and your knees you may want to put a bolster, rolled blanket or pillow underneath to support your leg.

• Either hanging on to your feet or reaching your hands out onto the oor in front of you if they touch, slowly lower your chest towards to the oor.

• Try not to round your back as though you are trying to touch your nose to your toes but rather keep your spine long as you lower down. Once you’ve reached your maximum edge then you can let your head relax which may round your upper spine slightly yet comfortably.

• Take your time with this pose. Start at maybe 75% of your maximum and take some deep breaths there. Then slowly make your way to your edge and take some time breathing there for maximum bene ts.

• You should feel a stretch but not a strain and you should be able to breathe comfortably.


• Stretches groin and inner thighs.
• Decompresses spine.
• Stimulates abdominal organs and digestive system.


• Those with knee or groin injuries should perform with bolster or blanket under thighs and take feet a bit further away from groin to widen stance slightly.