Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana


• Start seated in a cross-legged position. Place the sole of your right foot on the floor and hug your right knee into your chest.

• Lengthen your right arm down the inside of your right leg and hold onto the outside of your right foot. With your left hand behind, lean back as you lift your right foot up with your right hand, bringing the right shinbone parallel to the floor, knee bent.

• Holding onto the outside of the right foot with your right hand, flex your right foot as you pull the foot and knee straight back alongside the outer right ribs.

• Flex your left toes and firm your left inner thigh down as you raise your left arm up and across your chest, reaching over the top of your right foot to grab the outer edge with your left hand.

• Release the right hand down to the floor beside your right hip with your right arm under your right leg. Pull the right knee further back with your left hand and swing the leg higher up and over your right shoulder (as though you were throwing a purse over your shoulder).

• Take a deeper breath. With your left hand griping your outer right foot lean into your right hand, pressing your right shoulder back, and straighten your right leg.

• As you do, pull the foot with your left hand, bringing the left arm behind your head, and turn your chest, belly and gaze to the left, looking up under your left armpit.

• To release bend the extended top knee and release the foot. Repeat on the opposite side.


• Opens the hips, groins and shoulders.

• Lengthens the side bodies, spine and hamstrings.

• Stimulates abdominal and reproductive organs.


• Use a strap around the top foot.


• Shoulder, hip, low back, or hamstring injuries.