Counter Spiral Therapy

Stepping into a Swan Pose with the forward leg in a Half Lotus position (shin bone parallel with the front edge of the mat and knee at a slight outward diagonal from the forward line of the hip, or the shin bone pulled back on a diagonal line for a gentler depth of pose) and the back leg straight, maintain the back toes in a flexed position and the back heel pressing backwards. Place the fingertips with palms lifted, keepingthe elbows over the wrists when the elbow are at a 90-degree angle. This requires the willingness to place the finger stance hand structures off the mat.

From a comfortable Adho Svanasana (Downward Dog pose), take Adho Vishikasana (Downward Scorpion pose) by lifting one leg up, while allowing the stand hip joint to externally rotate, opening the pelvis to the side and bending the upper knee, forming a scorpion tail shape, and creating a spacious stretch in the psoas, hip, sacrum and lower back.

Try to maintain the balanced ‘square’ alignment of the Downward Dog shoulders while drawing the front upper ribs towards the spine by maintaining Prana Bandha (breath and squeeze alignment).

From the ready position of the first variation of the Swan pose, keep your head up and exhaling lower your chest towards the floor, similar to a push

up position, or a super stance wide Chaturanga Pose.

NOTE: Elbows forwards over the wrists, how- 2 ever with the shoulder blades drawn
backwards and together. This should

generate a powerful awareness of the spaces between the shoulder blades in the upper back; which is a good thing.

Next, inhale and while releasing your head towards your heart, roll up your spine like a cobra snake. Finally, allow the releasing of your shoulder-blades and the lifting of your chest to naturally roll the head up, and begin the process again by repeating the chest down and head up.


Deep internal spinal massage and elonga- tion. Natural powerful movement, height- ened sense organ function, shoulder structure and an amount of arm strengthen- ing. Ultimately, cosmic rhythm and universal guidance or the higher benefits that direct our intentions and actions toward our greater purpose and destiny.