Cow Face Pose

Cow Face Pose


Gomukasana is a wonderful pose as you get an opening of the shoulders and the hips.


• From Dandasna bend both knees; slide your left leg under the right placing the left ankle outside the right hip. Cross the right knee over the left, trying to stack the knees, right ankle outside left hip. Gently ex the feet, and try to get them equal distance from the hips.

• Sometimes its helpful to lean forward and nestle the legs closer together, draw the groins back and then sit back evenly on both sit bones.

• Inhale and take your right arm out to the side, turn the palm to face back, thumb down so the arm internally rotates, take the back of your hand to your lower back and then slide the hand up the spine, eventually we want to nestle it in between our shoulder blades.

• On an inhale, raise the left arm keeping the palm turned forward drop the hand down the back of your head and then further down the spine to meet the right hand. Try to clasp the left and right ngers together, perhaps even taking hold of the wrists.

• Relax both shoulders and feel the shoulder blades move in towards the spine.
• Lift the top elbow up and the bottom elbow down.
• If this already feels challenging stay here, otherwise for a variation fold forward.
• Sit and take between 10-15 long, slow breaths, then repeat on the other side.


• Stretches the hips, thighs, ankles, shoulders and arms.


• If you can’t sit evenly on both sit bones then sit on a block or blanket until you can nd an even seat. If the hands don’t touch behind the back use a belt.

• Avoid the arm variation if you have any shoulder or neck injuries.