The most important principle to remember about Crow pose is that it is the classical handstand preparatory pose, and therefore its essence exists within the arms being straight and the shoulder blades pressed neatly against the ribcage below them, far before considering to lift the base of the toes off of the ground and any obsession with bending the knees in an attempt to copy the model buy aspirin 75mg price of the magazine who is doing it wrong, or emulating your teacher who has practised hopefully longer than you.

• Maintaining the base of the large toes together and on the floor, while also keep- ing the heels lifted and pressing together, which are encouraged from the inner thigh muscles squeezing together. This also establishes the four corners of the pelvic floor bones proximally, being the pubic bone, sit-bones and tailbone, form- ing the cross of the intersecting diagonal core power structure.

• Ultimately discovering the connection between the sit-bones conjoining as a cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti, that reflects their deeper roots in the inner heel’s attraction to one another. In tradi- tional esoteric yoga physiology, it is the pubic bone that represents Shakti (Natural Energy) as she stands still in her place (Svadisthana Chakra), while the tail bone symbolises Shiva (Cosmic Consciousness), who is always moving towards Shakti (pubis symphasis) by universal laws of at- traction (gravity/karma/relationship). The inner drawing of the heels through inner thighs to inner seat (ischial tuberosities) creates this inner dynamic of heavenly body joint constellation star alignment.


• Blades drawn downwards.

• Arms squeezed straight, core-flexing spine.

• Heels up and together, base of large toes down and together.

• The final movement for this pose is to be still long enough in your gentle balance to feel the base of the large toes slide slightly forward until you realise you are perfectly centred.


• Total elongated core preparation.
• Shoulder power structure awareness.
• Side body to inner front core connec- tion.
• The start of awareness, first in our body, and naturally in our life.

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