CurveSomeyoga 30 day Challenge

CurvesomeYogaLocal Yogi Donna Noble continues her quest to show that every body is a yoga body
As the subject of body image continues to dominate the media with more and more individuals speaking out about body shaming for all spectrums of the weight range.  CurveSome Yogini Lauren French Blogger has been speaking out both on TV and in the Press about this.

In order to show that every body is a yoga body Donna created a video that formed the basis of a 30-day yoga challenge which took place in August (featuring – Blogger Lorna Campbell).  This was to allow individuals to try out yoga in the comfort of their home – so they could see that yoga was indeed accessible to them and do have a yoga body.

The response was great, over 100 individuals signed up for the body positive yoga challenge, which demonstrates that there is a lot of interest in yoga.

The challenge was very similar to a Bikram yoga challenge – in that the same postures were preformed everyday for the duration of the challenge. This was so that the challengers would be able to see their progress and gain confidence in their practice.

Donna is pleased to report that there were so many positive results for the challengers.  Here’s feedback from one of the Challengers from Author Maureen Worrell.

“Hi Donna Noble

It’s been just over a week now since the 30-day challenge officially ended but my mind & body is still gravitating to wanting to carry on with yoga – lol.
From the very first session I felt a difference – particularly in my posture. As you know, I deal with/cope with severe lower back pain issues and mobility issues, but, was and am so inspired by your passion for yoga, that I was motivated to at least give it a try.

So happy that I did.

I love it & how it makes me feel not just physically, but mentally also. Even calmer than before with a deeper sense of daily clarity, not to mention a little more energy. I feel my ‘core’ is slowly but surely getting stronger and although I still experience chronic migraines, they appear to last for lesser periods than before.

I am currently continuing with the yoga every other day whenever I can & am still enjoying it, enjoying this part of my journey

For me personally, I was seeking something suitable for a larger sized body that would ultimately help me in terms of mobility, strengthening & center-ing my body & mind more … I do believe yoga will go a long way to achieving these goals…

Thank you for your inspiring passion, encouragement & support, from day one.”

Much love. – Maureen Elizabeth Worrell

Multiple Award Winning Author of The Journey of I & I

Donna is so grateful for this lovely feedback, but more so because Maureen was able to trust her to help start her yoga journey.

Some of the challengers have continued their practice and are doing Instragram challenges, but now have the confidence to attend yoga classes, which was the main aim of the challenge.

Donna is happy to talk to anyone who would like to make yoga more accessible and offer some free advice on the positive changes they can make by contacting her at [email protected]. She is starting classes on Monday 7th December at Anerley Town Hall, online classes will be launched in January and currently holds classes on Saturday’s at the Unity Church in Islington.

For more information contact Donna on 07956 842328 or check out the website

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