Dancer’s Pose


• Begin in Tadasana and ground through the right foot and bend the left knee drawing the left heel to the left buttock keeping the knee in line with its own hip. 

• Externally rotate your upper left arm and catch hold of the outer edge of the foot/ankle. 

• Inhale to lift the right arm alongside the ear and lengthen through the whole right side. 

• Exhale to kick your left foot back and up, ensuring the knee stays in line with the left hip as you draw it back. 

• Use the right arm stretching forwards to counter your balance and lengthen the front of the torso. 

• Hold here for 10 breaths.


• Improves posture and balance.

• Strengthens and stretches thighs.

• Strengthens the ankles.

• Stretches the abdomen and groin.


• Use a wall for support in front of you to lean your extended right hand onto, as you maintain the balance you can bring more attention to the action of the back leg lifting and counter through the front arm.

• For a more advanced option, take both arms overhead and catching hold of the inner and outer edge of the foot feeling the stretch through the armpits. To work towards this option, create a small loop in a belt and hook around the foot, taking hold of the other end of the belt with both hands.

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