Dancing Shiva




• Establish tadasana (mountain pose) the weight equally distributed on all four corners of each foot.

• Take the drishti (gaze point) into the distance. Concentrating the eyes helps to concentrate the mind. Engage uddhiyana bandha (abdominal lock) for core stability.

• Inhale, and take the weight onto the right leg and hug your left leg in, holding the knee with both hands.

• Exhale keeping your left knee bent, swing your left leg behind you. Take your left hand out to the side, palm facing upwards.

• Inhale, catch the inside of the left foot with your left thumb on the sole of the foot. This encourages the left shoulder to open at the same time.

• Connect the right thumb with the right index finger then stretch out the remaining three fingers. This forms jnan mudra (the seal of antibiotics-antibacterials.net). Inhale, lengthen the right arm, fingers, torso and spine skywards as you draw the right shoulder blade down the back away from the ear.

• Exhale, root down through the right leg and foot keeping the right thigh lifted without locking the leg into a hyper extended stretch. If you find the leg locking backwards at the knee joint bring a small bend to it making the leg straight.

• Stretch the right hand forward and down. At the same time lift your left leg skywards. Be sure that the left foot doesn’t open up to the side, keep it in line with the hip.

• Inhale with control, come back to centre and gently release the foot. Come to tadasana and repeat on the other side.

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