Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

As we reach the end of another year, it’s always a great time to take stock of where we are and what we have accomplished, what we’re grateful for and what our future plans will be. This has been an unprecedented year for so many of us, with our normal lives and daily routines upended and altered in ways we could never have imagined when it began. Yet there is always room for gratitude, for looking to the future. There is much room for hope.

This issue is full of a variety of articles sure to be of interest: the interview I conducted with Lena Franklin, an inspirational woman who found her calling helping others after a loss, and ‘Embodied Resilience and the Power of Yoga to Liberate the Light Inside Us All’ are both deeply touching, highlighting how personal challenges can bring us, eventually, to better places.

‘Digital Killed the Studio Star’ is a fascinating look at the yoga business today—where is it going and what can we expect? Niraj Naik continues to enlighten us on the many benefits of pranamaya, in his article how it can improve performance both mental and physical.

James Chapman shares his ‘Tips for Banishing Negative Thoughts’, just one of several practical articles that may be of help to you at this busy time of year. ‘Micro-dose on Self-Care This Festive Season’ by Louise Murray is another, and finally there’s ‘How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays in 5 Easy Steps’ by nutritionist Lauren Windas. Speaking of Nutrition, check out ‘Is Fibre the Forgotten Nutrient?’ to learn more about its importance and how to get more of it.

The article about the Ylläs Yoga Marathon is most inspirational, showing how even though times have changed, we can still find ways to gather, connect and be refreshed.

I very much enjoyed reading about the work of the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute and how they have been collecting and preserving so many ancient texts. This is an important task that is of benefit not just for us now, but for all those to come after us. And Victor M. Parachin takes us again through the annals of history with his article on ‘Kodo Sawaki, From Brothel Worker to Buddhist Monk’, outlining this great man’s efforts to make Buddhism more simple, pure and accessible to all.

On our Teacher’s Profile is ‘Sarah Highfield from Yogagise Yoga’, and you can learn more about her in these pages, too, along with my continuing columns like Yoga Sutras and Ask Yogi. Also do check out the ‘Yogi’s Gift Guide’ from Hydro Flask. I hope, as always, that you find something here to inspire and uplift you.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik


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