Editors Letter

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Thank you so much for all your support and we wish everyone a blessed, peaceful & wonderful Festive Season this Xmas. We hope you all have a wonderful, joyous & splendid month.

Dadi Janki (now 103 years old), a charismatic and leading Lady of Yoga – has inspired millions of people around the world with her continuous life-time dedication to Raja Yoga. Sylvia Ismail shines light on this truly remarkable woman. David Cowburn provides sound advice for anyone thinking of taking part in a Mountain Yoga Class – I definitely will be heading to the scenic English countryside – to join one of his classes in the very near future. A large part of my early yoga training in my formative years, was done in the Himalayan region – so this is something close to my heart. It’s great that David has taken the initiative to launch his adventurous classes. Keith Squires succinctly explains the health benefits of Plant Based Eating. And Marlene Watson-Tara, the ‘Queen’ of Macrobiotic Nutrition, not only provides wise words – but also tasty vegan recipes. You must also cast your eyes on Mandara Cromwell who studied extensively with Dr Peter Guy Manners. In her beautiful feature – Soundflower – she opens up her life- time work on Cymatics: the art & science of making sound visible, as well as it’s healing power. She also writes about the inspiration received from the great & legendary Yogi, Swami Muktananda. Yantras, Mantras, Sound Frequency and a whole lot more is covered.

If you are thinking desserts, treats & cakes for Xmas, but want to cook/bake some healthier alternatives, check out Stacy Hart’s Recipes. Yoga Retreats are ideal places to just take out some ‘me time’ – to relax & really get in touch with yourself. A few years ago, YOGA Magazine had the pleasure of featuring the work of the legendary (and stunning beautiful) Marilyn Monroe & her yoga practice.

I was pleased this year to discover that she too had been a guest at Jamaica Inn. This place is absolutely delightful. The property is situated in a private cove, white sand beach with an offshore reef. I attended a Mindfulness Retreat there – a perfect place to ease the mind. It was a memorable experience & I would recommend it whole heartedly. This month’s magazine is packed with inspirational ideas, advice, guidance and step by step practical yoga exercises – taught by authoritative teachers in this field. Just to mention a few here – Mia Togo’s Creative Flow Sequence provides step by step instructions not only of yoga asanas, but also positive affirmations that you can use this Festive Season.

Georgia Keal provides a Yoga Guided Meditation to close this wonderful year and Stephen Marks uncovers Yoga Nidra, Hannah Barrett (AKA Yoga Girl) provides advice on how to manage IBS using therapies such as yoga exercises. I’ve also provided some practical advice & instructions on some classic yoga poses that you can easily assimilate into your day to day life, to improve confidence & posture. We also loved Sonya Matejko’s yoga poem – TO MY FRIEND – The Warrior. The complete version can be found inside. However, I wish to end this letter and introduce December with some of her words here:

‘‘There is a fierce strength in you. And the person you are today and, in this room, is stronger than the person you were yesterday. I see a strength in you, and I hope from the bottom of my sattvic heart that you see it too’’.

-Yogi Dr Malik, Editor



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