ConsciousWritingJane Egginton reviews a new book by Julia McCutchen: ‘Conscious Writing, Discover your true voice through mindfulness and more’.

I am in a dense forest next to a beautiful lake in floods of tears. Julia McCutchen is leading a visualisation for a group of writers on a mini master class on conscious writing. McCutchen has shown us how to connect with our inner, authentic voice.

As a writer and a yoga teacher, I am very familiar with the experience of being more creative and productive after yoga and meditation, but combining the two in such a way hadn’t ever really occurred to me. After some physical movement, mindfulness and breathing, we all begin to write freely about the true motivation for our various writing projects.

All report positive and sometimes – as in my case – powerful results. I had a profound experience about the true meaning and motivation of an autobiographical book I am writing that moved me to tears. McCutchen is warm, immensely practical and inspirational. ‘It will take you to places you never imagined,’ she promises, her dark eyes twinkling. ‘The true reward is not always what we end up writing, but what we become.’

Most writers are familiar with physical exercise – such as walking – helping with their craft, and professional athletes have long used visualisations, the benefits of which have been scientifically proven. McCutchen is the first to admit that many of the techniques, which draw on yoga, NLP and mindfulness, are not new.

However, this new book provides a very holistic approach, which brings the whole self into the writing process in order to come to a deep place of authentic truth. This place, we learn, is where most of our original ideas and insights come from. The approach is immensely and reassuringly practical, with the book providing take away techniques that anyone can use to release blocks and fast track the way to that wonderful feeling of being in the flow.

Conscious Writing, Discover your True Voice through Mindfullness and More by Julia McCutchen (Hay House). Available on

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