Does Yoga Encourage Eating Disorders?

We have been made aware of some peoples opinions over an article in our May issue of the magazine entitled “Tiger Teaser”.
Firstly, we haven’t, and will never promote any eating disorders in YOGA Magazine. We were not promoting bulimia, but answering a genuine reader question who had asked whether this exercise that he had found in a textbook dating back to the 1950s was true or not. We decided to answer this question as we felt this was rather interesting, and different to the usual standard questions we receive each month, such as ‘What exercises are good for a bad back?’

The Tiger exercise has been practised for centuries, and like other ancient yoga kriyas including Vasti (colon cleansing), Hrid Dhauti (cleansing the tongue) and Neti (cleansing the nasal passages) – these are all genuine yogic practices that can help to detoxify and purify the body – and these techniques have been around for thousands of years.

The journalist who contacted us for a quote made reference to the fact that ‘we provided a caution to pregnant women and children’ – as obviously this technique is not safe for these people to perform. Would it not be extremely insensitive if we added ‘not suitable for anyone suffering from eating disorders?’

As with every exercise and technique we feature in YOGA Magazine, it is up to each individual whether they perform or not.

YOGA Magazine promotes nothing but a healthy lifestyle including vegetarianism and through practising yogic techniques including asanas and meditation to unify the mind and body to increase wellbeing and happiness.

Yogi Dr Malik

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