Doga – Dogs raise a paw against Yulin Dog Meat Festival 19 June

Doga – Dogs raise a paw against Yulin Dog Meat Festival 19 June

This idea came to me when I was touring Asia with my newly released DOGA book.
I’m now Europes leading Founder and Author of DOGA – yoga for you and your dog. Doga is gradually becoming one of the hottest new yoga trends throughout the world and thankfully I’m still on the front line with international media coverage.
Here’s my recent CNN Indonesia news report from Jakarta :

Of course as a westerner I was blissfully unaware that a couple of doors down from our ” fancy ” dog event at Central Park Mall Jakarta  – dogs were burnt alive and beaten to death for the ” dog meat ” industry.


Only after I met several rescue charities did I become familiar about the cruelty and neglect these poor creatures have to endure with very little support from the Indonesian government. ( in fact they just randomly shoot them on the streets of Jakarta and Bali to avoid Pandemic ect – ) It is totally against human rights and animal welfare rights to kill dogs for food.

With Yulin Dog meat Festival Coming up and international YOGA day, Dogamahny TM wants to gather dogs and owners for a mass Doga ( dog yoga ) session in Camden 11am on Sunday 19 th June.

Dogs & owners will be wearing T shirts saying ” No to dog meat . ”

Doga so beautifully portrays the human bond with our beloved canine. Our aim is to give out a strong statement through our love for dogs. London dogs raise a paw to the Asian dog meat industry.
All donations will go to BARC 4 BALI a dog rescue and adoption centre I personally visited and support.

If you would like to book a space on this Sunday’s Doga class you must must pre book and pre pay [email protected]

tickets / Doga: £15
No to Dog Meat T shirts: £10

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