Beginners Pendulum Pose

Stand upright with the feet about one metre apart, both feet parallel to each other. Feel a sense of gravity from the groin, along the inner thighs down to the insides of the feet. Keep your toes soft. Body weight is even on both feet and also through both hips.

Place your hands on your hips, as you inhale, extend from waist up, expanding the chest and on an exhale, hinge from the waist taking your torso forward from waistline, extending from pubic bone into chest, waist into armpit, lifting your abdomen muscles towards the pubic bone, stretching your glutes away from heels upwards. Allow your torso to hang from waistline keeping your legs straight and take hold of your elbows with opposite hands. Breathe normally.

Release your head allowing your spine to elongate without any crunch in your neck muscles. Keep the awareness at the lower abdomen (swadhisthana chakra). You can stay here for 3-5 minutes. As you come out of the posture, bend your legs from knees, release your hands, hang your arms down and roll the spine up vertebrae by vertebrae, chin into throat, until you are fully upright, then bring your head up.


  • On an inhale hold your breath inside and touch your forehead to right knee, then left knee, 5 times to each knee and then exhale releasing breath. This gives the added benefit of massaging the abdomen aiding digestion, and strengthens your respiratory system.


  • Good for hamstrings, extends and enlivens the spine and central nervous system. Good to do when tired, brings sense of freshness.


  • If it feels uncomfortable in the back of your knees or legs, you can keep a bend in the knees throughout.


  • Avoid if you have a heart related condition or high blood pressure.
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