Donna Noble

Donna is a passionate yogi and coach who helps curvy women to think differently about their bodies.

She has been practising yoga since 1999 and has been a certi ed yoga teacher since 2011. She then travelled to LA where she became a Bikram Teacher. She is also a Certi ed NLP Master Practitioner. As well as teaching in New York and Texas she teaches all around the UK at studios, festivals and at wellbeing events, alongside running body positive workshops, retreats and online classes.

This yogi was made redundant in 2011 but instead of staying in the corporate world she jumped ship. She is the Founder of CurveSomeYoga (promoting body positive yoga). Yoga has enabled Donna to heal and has changed her life in some many ways, which is why she is so keen to inspire others to live up to their full potential.

Her aim is to show that everyBODY is a yoga body, so that individuals regardless of their size, shape, gender or ethnicity or level of ability will be inspired to experience yoga and its numerous benefits. Donna incorporates the best wellbeing techniques into her yoga sessions to encourage self-love and self-acceptance. This is very important for Donna – making individuals inspired to try yoga, and making all body types within yoga normalised.

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Photography by Urban Decay Visuals

Photo shoot at Hot Yoga South Balham

Clothing by Manduka and Yogabela

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