Eagle Pose

The mythical creature Garuda has the eagle’s head, wings and talons, and a human body. With his vision and the power of flight, Garuda is famed for his ability to destroy evil in the form of nagas, or snakes.  This pose does not help improve eyesight or develop wings, but it is wonderful for sharpening the senses! Learning from Garuda, we can observe and isolate the tiniest movement of negative thoughts within us and take swift action to destroy them.


• Inhale and reach the arms up.
• Exhale, bring the right elbow under the left, wrapping the right arm around the left and bringing your palms to touch if possible.
• Bend your knees and wrap your right leg over the left.
• Wrap your toes around the heel if you can and keep your hips square in the process.
• Tilt the pelvis forward, keeping your back straight.


• Squeeze your arms together.
• Lift your elbows to chin level and your hands away from your face.
• Draw your shoulders down.
• Gaze softly at your thumbs.
• Keep your wrists, elbows, bellybutton and knees in line with each other.



If suffering knee, ankle or shoulder injury.



• For beginners: Place the toes of the wrapped leg on the floor, beside the edge of the little toe of the standing leg, or use a brick to rest the foot on.

• For more advanced students: bend down maintaining the integrity of the spine and drawing your elbows forward and away from your body.