Earth Child Project

ECP 1The Earthchild Project in Cape Town, South Africa, was conceived by Janna Kretzmar while she was living in an eco-village in Brazil and reading the spiritual classic, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.

The book described how schools in India offered children a balanced education, with classes often given outdoors in nature, and alongside academic subjects there was equal emphasis on teaching meditation and yoga, so as to develop the consciousness and not just the intellect of the child.

Janna’s aim was to find a way to offer a more holistic approach to education to many children and many schools. The Earthchild Project NGO was established in 2007 and is now working with over 3000 children in eight underprivileged schools. Self-awareness and healthy living are taught through yoga, meditation, affirmations and vision boards, and environmental awareness is taught through organic gardening, worm farming and hiking. Together with the teachers and volunteers, they offer educational and engaging activities such as holiday programmes, outings, camps and after school clubs.

Their team is young, dynamic and positive. They live what they teach, and think and work out of the box: “Basically, we’re teaching children everything we wish we’d learnt at school!”


The Earthchild Yoga Programme is blossoming with over 800 children doing classes each week! Teachers have reported improved concentration, improved peer relations and leadership qualities in the children doing yoga. The children’s enthusiasm and dedication to their practice is truly inspiring. One Grade 6 student shared, “Yoga has helped me realise that if you do not have trust in yourself, no one will. Yoga helps me relax before a huge exam and that is an advantage. I love yoga because it keeps me healthy, active and fresh.”

For more information, visit or email [email protected] or call +27 21 462 2218 

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