East of Eden

Take a deep breath… East of Eden yoga arrives in Walthamstow

Walthamstow residents and single-parent powerhouses Abigail McLachlan and Naomi Costantino are spreading their yoga passion to East 17, with a brand new 30-mat studio East of Eden, opening March 2nd 2015 in the newly created TramWorks.

Situated in Hatherley Mews, less than a five-minute walk from the train station, the studio will encompass a diverse timetable that’s inclusive for both people new to yoga and seasoned practitioners. At launch the studio will include basic yoga, community classes (pay what you can afford), pre and post-natal yoga/pilates mixed in with mat based Pilates, Jivamukti, Rocket yoga, kids and over 60’s yoga and Yin. A second studio set to launch in September will add a much bigger yoga space and reformer Pilates to the mix and as the studio grows, so will the styles to contribute to a well- rounded yoga and Pilates studio.

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As well as a focus on quality breath led classes, the studio is equally passionate about music. Frustrated with the lack of consideration of music seemingly put to yoga in an ‘unmindful’ way, East of Eden will tap into McLachlan’s background in music consultancy to create a meaningful music and yoga experience. You can expect to see collaborations with credible DJs, including Dom Chung and Tayo, who will develop exclusively created playlists and mixes that actually match the exact flow of the class to enhance the teaching.

With over 10 year’s teaching experiences, Constantino knows the importance of teacher talent to ensure an excellent level of instruction and class enjoyment is achieved. Together with McLachlan they will open their yoga directories to ensure that the timetable provides a platform for new and upcoming talent to showcase their excellent training. This will be perfectly balanced with regular slots from accomplished yoga teaching talent as well as guest teacher workshops and events.

Naomi Costantino, Co-Founder, said: “For us, it’s really important to create a studio with a heart, part of a community, giving back to the local area, which is what yoga is really all about. Expect to see East of Eden outreach programmes. Through both breath led and music classes and an excellent pool of teachers that can really walk their talk, we hope East of Eden is a destination that has something for everyone.”

Get in touch with East Of Eden:
Website – www.edeneast.co.uk
Twitter – @eastofeden17
Facebook – facebook.com/eastofeden17
Email – [email protected]
Telephone – 07905 685 922


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