Press Releases
If you would like to submit a press releases to our editors for consideration, please email [email protected]. Press releases sent to any other email address will be automatically deleted.

Teacher Profile, Yoga Pose and Sequence
The Teacher Profile is a 250-word profile that appears in our Yoga Pages section. This is a first-person account by a yoga teacher on their yogic journey and practice. The selected yoga teacher is also invited to submit three poses, Beginners/ Intermediate/ Advanced with 350-words per pose detailing the purpose and benefits of each pose with clear instructions. The Yoga Sequence is 300-word guide to a sequence for a particular purpose – for example, sequence for  weight-loss. If you’d like to submit a teacher profile and poses, email [email protected] with a 300-word sample and selection of professional images. If selected, we’ll require high-resolution and professional images to run with the story.

Readers Story
Readers Story is a first-person 300- word story that appears in our Readers Ashram section. Readers Story tells about a pivotal moment in the writer’s yoga experience. If you would like to submit a Readers Story for our consideration, please e-mail your 300-word submission to [email protected]. Specify Readers Story in the subject line. If chosen, we’ll require a photograph of you to run with the story.

Charity Profile
The Charity page is a 300- word profile that appears in our Readers Ashram section. Charity profile overviews the mission, cause and activity of registered charities whose values and mission statement resonate with our readers. If you’d like to submit a profile on a charity or recommend a registered charity for our editorial team to review, email [email protected]. Specify Charity Profile in the subject line. If chosen, we’ll require a high-resolution images and branding to run with the story.

Other Editorial Submissions
Yoga Magazine covers the practice and philosophy of yoga. We welcome professional queries for the following sections:

Features                                  700-words
Mind                                         600-words
Body                                          600-words
Spirit                                         600-words
Ethical Living                        600-words
Nutrition                                  500-words
Yoga Styles                              400-words


Please note: While we review all queries submitted, we regretfully cannot respond to each one. If we are interested in your story, an editor will contact you.

We encourage you to read several issues of Yoga Magazine carefully before submitting a query. Please pitch your article idea by sending a 300-word sample, indicating the projected word count, and what sources you’ve used. Keep in mind we assign three months ahead, so a New Year’s story for a January issue would be assigned in October. In your pitch, please indicate your writing credentials, including any samples. Please email your pitch, specifying the relevant editorial section in the subject line to [email protected].