September 22, 2023
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Editor’s Letter

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Greeting and Blessings!

Welcome to the September edition of Yoga Magazine, a sanctuary of wisdom, exploration, and transformation. As the seasons shift, our pages are brimming with insights, practices, and stories to enrich your journey towards well-being and self-discovery.

In the heart of our restless times, Carol Trevor offers solace through the transformative practice of Restorative Yoga. In “Peace is Possible in These Restless Times,” she gracefully guides us to pause, reset, and rekindle our inner calm amid the chaos of modern life.

Cheryl Pallant brings an innovative twist to our practice by introducing Ecosomatics to yoga, fostering an enlightening connection between movement and our relationship with the environment. Meanwhile, Diane Ashfield invites us to delve into the empowering embrace of the goddess pose Utkata Konasana, unraveling its significance as a vessel for feminine strength.

Dr. Barbara Kubicka presents the art and science of bathing as a transformative practice in “Bathology,” while Inna Segal enlightens us on the role of guardian angels and their guidance in our life’s purpose.

As parents and practitioners, we often seek to share the benefits of meditation with our children. Kelly Smith guides us in “How to Talk to Your Kids About Meditation,” offering insightful strategies to cultivate mindfulness within the family.

In our interview, we uncover the creative minds shaping transformative practices. Lauren Hoffmeier, the delightful storyteller behind the ‘Mula & the Fly’ series, shares her passion for weaving yoga tales. KESARI imparts profound wisdom on meditation, unveiling its essence and impact on our lives.

Neil Wilcott offers a guide to mastering the Sleeping Buddha Pose, providing invaluable insight into this serene posture. Patty Wildasinn delves into the world of Yoga for Autism, highlighting the potential for yoga to create a harmonious space for individuals with autism.

Richard Dixey delves into the heart of meditation with “Understanding Reactivity,” a thoughtful exploration of the interplay between meditation and the human mind. Rola Tassabehji takes us beyond the physical in “Beyond Form: Reflections of an Embodied Yoga Experience,” delving into the spiritual essence of the practice.

The pages of Yoga Magazine are also graced by the personal narratives of our contributors. Suzan Altay shares her intimate story in “Yoga Became My Savior!” as she navigates life’s challenges through the transformative power of yoga

Victor Parachin brings forth the teachings of Patrul Rinpoche, emphasising the contagious nature of compassion. And Yogiraj Muni continues to lead us through his captivating Kundalini memoirs, providing a window into his transformative journey.

As the world shifts and evolves, may this issue of Yoga Magazine be a guiding light, a source of inspiration, and a companion on your path to holistic well-being. May your practice continue to illuminate the depths of your being, revealing the beauty within.

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik

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