How to perform

From seated, bend the right knee into chest, bring right arm underneath bent right leg. With left hand on right foot, encourage your right leg to hook over the right shoulder or as close as you can get to the having the back of the right knee joint to the right shoulder. Keep the knee in place by engaging the right foot and actively clamp the right leg to the right shoulder/upper arm.  Place both hands on floor either side of hips, fingers spread to create a wide surface area to balance on, keep the chest lifted.

With right leg hugging the right arm, pick up left leg and cross ankles over each other and lock them together. Hands parallel with fingers facing forwards, press right leg down toward the ground whilst extending feet forwards and start to lift hips from the floor. Feet flexed and ankles connected, straighten the legs.

Elbows bend to 90 degrees and engaged (as you would in Chaturanga), keep chest lifted and hinge the upper body forwards. Maintain core engagement and internal rotation of biceps.


• Stretches hamstrings.
• Strengthens wrists, arms and core.
• Improves digestion.


Rest bottom hip on a block, cushion or bolste for support.


Wrist, elbow or shoulder injury.

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