Intermediate One Leg Crane

Stand tall, whole body engaged, both feet together. Find the balance in the right foot and with an inhalation bring the left ankle just above your right knee. As you exhale bend the right knee shifting weight away from the back of your right knee into hips, and lowering your waist down, extending torso and arms forwards away from hips, elongating the spine and sides of waist.

Lower your hands to the floor 12 inches in front of your right foot, chest width apart. Spread the fingers away from each other keeping the strength in the tip of your fingertips and the heel of the palm to bear the body weight.

Lock the top of left foot into top of right arm and rest your left knee into left upper arm, keeping the hips square. Lower the upper body down, bringing the weight forwards to create a lift in the back leg. With an inhalation extend your right leg up and back and lift the chest forward and up.

Breathe normally, stay for 5-8 breaths. With an inhalation release your back leg down to come out of the posture. Bring your feet together and gently roll up to standing. Repeat the same with the other leg.


  • Strengthens chest and lower abdomen, arms and wrists. Gives sense of balance to the mind and body, positively affecting the nervous system.


  • Instead of extending the back leg straight you can keep the back leg bent and extend the heel towards your buttocks. This will give you more balance


  • If you have slipped disc, neck, upper back or spinal problems or injuries, or suffer with high blood pressure or heart conditions you should not do this posture.
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