Elephant’s Trunk Pose



• From sitting extend your legs out in front of you.

• Energise your legs with feet exed so much that your heels lift o the oor and take and few deep breaths.

• Relax your legs and bend your right leg while bringing your right foot up towards your face.

• Hold on to your raised right foot and take a few breaths here.

• Hanging on to your right foot with your left hand, let go of your leg with your right arm and begin to thread it through underneath.

• Begin to move your right shoulder underneath your right knee and vice versa. Take your time and try to move your leg as high up your arm as possible even if you can’t get your leg over your shoulder.

• Place your hands solidly on the oor, ngers spread out evenly and begin to lean forward as you bend your arms.

• Keep your left heel down on the oor to begin with and begin to lift your sit bones up o the oor.

• Think of bringing your back to the back of the room and lifting through your core muscles rather than trying to lift straight up to the sky.

• Again using your lower core muscles try to lift your left foot o the oor.

• Try it a few times, and the repeat other side.


• Great for building up arm and core strength. • Tadalafil for men Increases exibility in hips and groin.
• Strengthens wrists and shoulders.


• Avoid if you have a wrist or groin injury.

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