Emma Content

Emma started practising yoga over 10 years ago whilst living and working in New Zealand. Initially drawn to the rigour and discipline of Bikram yoga, she found herself after a few years migrating to the poetics and alignment of Anusara yoga.

She is now a registered Anusara ElementsTM teacher and continues to study with Bridget Woods Kramer on her Advanced Teacher Training program.
Emma splits her time between her landscape work and her yoga teaching in East London and feels blessed to be able to share both her passions with people. In her classes she often draws on the parallels between how we relate to our bodies and how we relate to nature, or the environment around us.

Emma teaches at the East of Eden yoga studio in Walthamstow, where she also designed and installed the flourishing green wall using plants which help to purify the air. “We cultivate ourselves, body and mind in our yoga practice, just as we cultivate our gardens to blossom and bloom through the seasons. With nourishment,

care and space to grow, each reveals their own natural beauty. We are nature, there is no escaping that. We just need to remember.”

Now in the late stages of her rst pregnancy, Emma has found the whole process to be as revelatory as when she rst came to yoga.
“Although I really love asana and being in my body, pregnancy has helped me move into more meditative practices. I have had to learn to let go again and again softening into myself and the process.”

Emma’s yoga is about inclusivity and she hopes to continue on this path post pregnancy, helping anyone who is interested to access new parts of themselves. Although currently on maternity leave, she will be back teaching in the autumn.

For more information, visit facebook.com/emmacontentyoga or follow her @emmalouisecontent
Photos by SJ Holgate

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