Empower Women – Social Enterprise Rwanda

We have just launched an amazing campaign!!


It’s called  ABANYAMUGISHA MICROFINANCE (Abanyamugisha {local Kinyarwanda language} =  The Blessed, abanya – umugisha which translates to people who feel blessed).

It is a campaign to enable female entrepreneurs in rural Rwanda realise their dream of owning & running their own business. We need to raise €13,500 to bring the project to life.  Check it out at the link below and if you like it, please consider backing it. There are different rewards available for different levels of donations including getting regular updates about the business and how the group are getting on  J

You can see it and a cool video here –>  https://startsomegood.com/SERwanda

We want to EMPOWER the women entrepreneurs of Rwanda and help them to be in a position to provide for their families.  We know how the ripple effect of this work will have a positive impact on the whole community of these women through creating local employment opportunities & money earned is spent in the local community.  We want to assist these women to realise their entrepreneurial dreams & to become better ROLE MODELS for their children and community!

Empower Women — Social Enterprise Rwanda

Here is the link again:  https://startsomegood.com/SERwanda