Energy Anatomy

To be in alignment energetically is to have your chakras, koshas and auric field vibrating in harmonious rhythm. This in turn creates physical alignment, which is characterised by a healthy open and spacious physical body where all organs can function optimally; along with congruence between your head and heart. Alignment is the harmonious relationship of our energy anatomy, physical anatomy, mind and emotions.

Sustained spiritual practise is a powerful way to train the physical body and energetic system to become more aligned. Ultimately yoga asana, pranayama and meditation create a state of coherence. Coherence is the integration of diverse elements, the coming together of diffused parts. An incoherent state is when someone is all over the place, discombobulated, out of sorts, confused and chaotic.

Some everyday experiences create greater coherence, feelings of love, joy, bliss, happiness, laughter, anytime we lose track of time or become absorbed in a joyous event. We are likely to be more coherent and energetically aligned. Such experiences are often momentary and unconscious. We are unaware of entering a coherent aligned state.

On the other hand stress, worry, anxiety, physical pain and trauma cause contraction to our physical, emotional and energy bodies. Energy flow and our capacity to freely expand becomes restricted and movement through the chakras reduced. For example: anger causes energy to be restricted in the solar plexus chakra. Fear creates restrictions in the legs, feet, and root chakra. Think about it, when we are afraid we cannot move forward, it as if we are rooted in one spot and energy cannot move freely through the legs and feet. Grief causes the throat chakra to suffer; it can become Depression deflates the heart chakra pulling the energy down and creating heaviness.

This is why it is so valuable to have a consistent spiritual practice that helps keep all systems in balance, this in turn realigns us on every level. Through spiritual practise extra-ordinary states of consciousness are developed and prolonged states of coherence can be maintained.

About the author

Caroline Shola ArewaCaroline ‘Shola’ Arewa, The Energy Doctor, pioneer in Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Coaching. Shola has authored five published books, features in the film YogaWoman, is a psychologist, yoga master, CAM award winner and Founder of Energy 4 Life Coach Training.

Shola will be at the British Yoga Festival on Sunday 7th December offering her original ‘Journey through the Chakras’ Workshop from 12.30-1.30pm. Book tickets.

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