Eugene and Pip are known for their mesmerising AcroYoga sequences, choreographed and executed with devastating elegance and grace. Watching them makes you realise that, more than ever, AcroYoga is a means of creativity, of self-expression and an art form it itself: a celebration of what a union of two human bodies, minds, and spirits in moving meditation can achieve.

International AcroYoga teachers and founders of AcroYogaDance, Eugene and Pip will inspire you to fly, base, expand, connect, trust and strengthen on your journey. Years before meeting they each trained as artists in London and draw on expansive experience including yoga, martial arts, holistic movement and dance. Eugene and Pip put students at ease, to have fun and accelerate learning of sometimes-complex motor-skills.

Eugene began his yoga practice in 1994 with the late but incredibly inspiring Derek Ireland. He’s also a 4th Dan black belt who helped pioneer a number of breakthroughs in wellbeing martial arts including integrating yogic methods and principles.

Pip trained in ballet before expanding to more holistic movement and later falling in love with AcroYoga. She applies 25-years of knowledge to her teaching, practice and performing.

While sharing their passion for movement and expression through AcroYoga, Eugene and Pip aim to spread the spirit of yoga and it’s philosophy of ahimsa ‘peacefulness and non-violence to all living beings’.  They are particularly keen to support sustainable, compassionate, vegan organisations and initiatives.

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