Extended Feet Pose



• Lie flat on the back with feet and knees tight together, placing palms and arms down on the floor next to the body.

• Inhale, and press forearms and elbows firmly against the floor. While inhaling, lift the upper torso and head away from the floor, gazing at the toes (pādayoragre). Maintaining a high arch in the spine, release the head back, placing the crown of the head onto the floor.

• Press the back of the waist upwards, tilting the pelvis forward to balance high up on the sitting bones. Draw the lower abdomen muscles upward and in towards the navel.

• Continuing to inhale, stretch the legs straight, raising them sharply off the floor at a 45-50 degree angle. Extend the arms to follow the same alignment as the legs, and arrow the toe and fingertips outwards, lifting up through the chest keeping a high arch in the back.

• Draw kneecaps and thigh muscles up and in towards the hips to stretch the legs fully. Take Dristi Nasagrai (i.e. focus the gaze towards the nose tip) while taking 10-20 steady breaths.

• To come out of the pose, place palms by the side of the head with fingertips pointing towards the shoulders release the back, and then slowly lower the legs to the floor.