Extended Triangle

Extended Triangle(Utthita Trikonasana)

Beginners pose september Utthita Trikonasana


• Tones the legs muscles
• Removes stiffness in the legs and hips
• Relieves backaches and neck sprains
• Corrects alignment of the shoulders
• Strengthens the ankles and develops the chest


• Stand in Tadasana.
• Inhale, bring the hands to the chest and jump or step the feet 3-to-4 feet apart.
• Extend the arms in line with your shoulders and press the shoulder blades into the back.
• Turn the left foot slightly in, and turn the right leg all the way out.
• Exhale, extend the trunk to the right and bring the right hand down near the right ankle.
• Beginners can use a block under the right hand to make it easier.
• Stretch the left arm up, bringing it in line with the right shoulder.
• The back of the legs, the back of the chest and the hips should be in line.
• Revolve the chest and waist towards the ceiling; turn the head to look at the left thumb.
• Keep the right knee firm by pulling the kneecap up and lift the ed-pills24.com.
• Stay in the position for 20 to 30 seconds, breathing normally.
• Inhale come back up, turn to the centre and repeat on the left side.


• Care needs to be taken where students have a back, neck or spine injury.
• Students can practise the pose against the wall when feeling weak.
• If you have high blood pressure look down at the floor in the final pose.