Extended Warrior Variation

Note:Breathing Inhale: Expanding ribs sideways. Fill lungs past your usual stopping point until you are completely full. Enjoy that sensation!
Exhale:  Pull belly in, emptying lungs completely.

Extended Warrior Variation Is Great For:
Opening across heart, collarbone and pectoral areas.
Relaxing neck – easing out tension from neck and brain.
Strengthening legs and buttocks.
Connecting to the earth through active feet (see note below).

How To Perform 

Separate legs 3 1/2 to 4 feet apart. Align heel of left foot with arch of back foot, bend left knee to a right angle. Activate your feet! (see side note)

Inhale: Set right forearm on right thigh, arch chest forward.
Exhale: Bring left arm behind back, holding inner right thigh, or waistband.
Inhale: Press down on right forearm, making space in the shoulder joint.
Exhale: Draw right shoulder away from left ear, relax right ear towards right shoulder.
Inhale: Lengthen entire ribcage away from hips. Keep right knee directly over right heel.
Exhale: Tuck buttock and tailbone toward back heel. Shift weight to outer edge of back foot, lift inner ankle.

Switch sides: Do 5 breaths each side. Feel for getting grounded through the feet and spacious through the core. Be alert for your weight wanting to shift more onto one side of your front foot. Keep weight evenly distributed between heal and ball of foot. To come out of the pose, bring both feet to parallel. Heel-toe feet together.

Note: Active feet strengthens/rebuilds the arches of the feet, and supports the knees hips and back. Active feet teaches you to feel the Earth as you walk.  It’s one of the steps of Walking in Beauty. Spread and lift toes, press the balls of feet and heels evenly into the Earth. Use active feet active throughout your practice.