Win Body And Soul Bracelet
In May more than 300 people participated in the chance to win the Body & Soul bracelet from Trollbeads.

Therefore, we offer you one more chance to win the exclusive leather bracelet including the powerful Chakra Colors glass bead and the peaceful ‘OM’ silver bead – serving as symbols of your inner peace and balance. With the Body & Soul bracelet, you will always bring all 7 chakra energies with you, which are swirled together in the beautiful glass bead.

It takes practice and discipline. However, learning to focus the body and mind, we can experience the beauty of the moment and access the spiritual energies of the universe.  body & soul - voks og omTrollbead bracelet



About Trollbeads 

The combination of originality, craftsmanship, creativity, and a love for quirkiness is what makes the Danish Trollbeads different from other jewelry brands. We believe that the urge to collect is a basic instinct. Our whole life is built from memories and Trollbeads gives you the chance to symbolically carry these memories with you or just to have fun with them.

We enjoy that our customers inspire us and keep on developing the concept. Trollbeads was created in collaboration with the customers when the customers developed the concept of putting several beads on the bracelets, and even today, our customers continue to inspire us and fill us with enthusiasm.
The idea behind Trollbeads is that it is a bead-on-bracelet product, where you can build your own story by adding the beads the way you want to. You can collect a bracelet entirely from beauty, diversity, and colors that fit your clothes, personality, or memories.

Prize includes:

A collected Body & Soul Bracelet including the Chakra Colors glass bead Om silver bead!