2 Intermediate FOREARM modifcation
Forearm Stand is a brilliant pose for gaining confidence upside down. It requires both strength and flexibility in the shoulders so ensure you warm up the shoulders properly with stretches such as Cow Face Arms (Gormukhasana) and Eagle Arms (Garudasana). If you are new to Forearm Stand then use a wall to help you catch the balance.


Begin on all fours with your forearms on the floor. Keep your forearms parallel, straighten your legs, and focus your gaze between your thumbs.

Step your kicking leg forwards slightly to shift your weight into your forearms. Squeeze your bum and kick your front leg away from the floor, swing your back leg up to vertical and use the momentum from kicking to bring both legs together.

Brace your belly, squeeze your bottom, and hug your knees together to stabilise the pose.

Press your palms and elbows firmly into the ground and lift your shoulders away from your wrists.

Hold for 5-10 breaths and then exit by lowering your legs down slowly.


• Strengthens and stabilises the shoulders.
• Provides a unique stretch to the shoulders.
• Improves balance.
• Builds confidence.
• Gives you a new perspective on life.


If you find your forearms are splaying out this may be because you have tight internal rotators. Another option is to bring your palms together into prayer position before you kick up. This can make it slightly more difficult to balance but is a lovely alternative if you have tight shoulders.


Avoid this pose if you have any back or shoulder injuries, heart conditions, or high blood pressure.

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