Feathered Peacock Pose

Feathered Peacock Pose


Pregnancy is not the time to start an inversion practice. However, if you are experienced, are having a normal pregnancy and already comfortable getting in and out of an inversion safely, it can be continued as a liberating and joyful part of your practice. Be mindful of the fact that you will have greater instability around the joints as your body prepares for labour and your centre of gravity and weight will be changing.

How to Perform

  • Prepare as for Dolphin Pose with your fingertips touching a wall.
  • Stay rooting down into the forearms pressing the floor away from the sternum. Keep looking forward between the forearms.
  • Gradually walk the feet in towards the elbows while maintaining length in the spine to bring the hips over the shoulders.
  • Lifting one leg from the inner heel, exit the foot and reach the leg as high as you can. Depending on the flexibility in the hamstrings you may need to push off with the opposite leg to give you a boost to find the wall.
  • Squeeze the inner thighs together and pu out your back ribs to avoid over arching into the mid back.
  • Bring one heel off the wall and extend from hip into flexed foot, strongly engage your leg muscles. Keeping this leg straight and strong, bring the other foot to meet the rst and squeeze the thighs together.
  • Take three smooth deep breaths, then release one leg and then the other carefully to the oor.
  • Rest in Extended Child’s pose with the knees nice and wide.
  • Ideally practise lifting alternate legs to stay balanced.



  • Even if you are an experienced practitioner it is a good idea to practise with the support of the wall in pregnancy as you get used to your changing centre of gravity.