Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Thank you for buying, reading, browsing this magazine and we all wish you a blessed month ahead filled with love, joy and happiness.

February is classically associated in the West with love and relationships. Valentines’ day although not a yogic concept, is nevertheless an important one. It reminds us of relationships and our connection not only to others – but also about ourselves. The subject of ‘Love’ features heavily in yoga-lore generally & February is as good a time of the year as any to revisit and reflect on its meaning & connection to us. Looking after and nourishing yourself is vital if you are to contribute effectively to the lives of others and practicing yoga is a good place to start.

Ayurveda is as ancient as practical yoga and is popularly known as ‘alternative medicine’ & originates from the Indian subcontinent. It is from the same ‘family’ as Yoga. We show you how to integrate this into your wellness programs. We have a stellar list of contributors, experts in their field of work who have provided some accessible and practical ways you can enhance the quality of your ‘life’. This month there are Master Classes on several yogic subjects with step by step instructions inside including Caroline Kebl’s sequence on Yoga and Ayurveda for the Immune System. Nubia Teixeira has been practicing and teaching yoga and classical Odissi dance now, for over 26 years. Nubia shares the Hastas and Pādas of this dance form as these special asana shapes what she calls Bijāsanas. Step by step sequences to perform the mudras of Odissi into your Hatha and Bhakthi yoga practices are given.

Ingrid Pipkin explores Yoga & Emotional Intelligence. Strong Hips are essential for mobility & Eva Kristlova shares a practical yoga sequence that you can do off the mat as well. YOGA Magazine also caught up with Stefanie Arend, international Yin Yoga teacher as well as Richard Adamo of the British Wheel of Yoga.

Marlene Tara-Watson, the Queen of Vegan & Macrobiotic shares her insightful expert tips & guidance on springtime eating. She also exclusively showcases recipes to put a ‘Spring’ in your step for optimum vitality & health. Michelle Ricaille shares wisdom from the ancient text, the Taittiriya Upanishads & explains the meaning of the Pancha Koshas (5 sheaths/layers) & provides practical exercises for you to try. BK Shivani, Sydney Resner, Nicole Windas & Caroline Shola Arewa share their expert tips on making Valentine’s day special.

There’s lots more inside this issue including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Alan Watts and Zen, Travel and more.

– Yogi Maharaj Dr Mallik, Editor