Fire Log Pose



• Tame the fiery intensity of Agni Stambhasana by holding your ground and breathing deeply. Allow all sensations to rise, letting them ebb and flow through a cool and calm mind.

• To prepare for this pose, I’d transition from Baddha Konasana. From here lay the outside edge of the left shin down on to the floor, if you’re using a mat you can lay the shin almost parallel to the top edge. Feel the outside edge of the left foot press into the floor, keeping the joint of the ankle open.

• Being mindful of your lower back, pick up the right shin catching it underneath. Feel the weight begin to drop through the outside edge of the knee, passing the shin across the body and bringing the right ankle to rest atop the left knee. If you are super tight in the hips, lay the right shin down in front of the left (as opposed to on top of). Press through both heels.

• Bringing your hands alongside the waist, keep the fingertips to the floor. Equalise the pelvis (both sit bones into the mat) and sit tall. Inhaling, allow the side waist to grow long and feel the lower belly draw in and up as per our image.

• To deepen the pose, feel the frontal hip bones pivot forwards, and as you exhale and then fold, placing the fingertips onto the floor in front of you. Keep length in the side waist, be sure not to round forwards from the belly. When you’ve reached your capacity for the movement press back slightly, allowing the sit bones to ground. Hold for one minute or more if appropriate. Repeat with the left leg on top.

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