Fish Pose

Matsyasana has been used for centuries by practitio- ners for its numerous benefits. To master this pose effectively the practitioner should be able to come into Lotus (Padmasana) pose. There are several vari- ations of performing this asana, but traditionally you sit down into Lotus and then lie down on your back, propping your head up so that the base of the head meets the floor. In the following variation we are lift- ing the upper part of the body higher off the floor.


Sit down into Padmasana (Lotus) by bringing the right leg to sit on left thigh and vice versa.

Using the elbows, gently lower yourself back down to the floor, keeping the feet in Lotus pose.

Bring the base of the head straight down to meet the floor, keeping the upper part of the body in an arc shape.

To hold the position, bring hands under buttocks and use the shoulders to hold the weight.

You can close the eyes or leave them open. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for 15-30 seconds.

To come out of the pose, exhale and lower the torso and head to the floor.


• Strengthens the shoulders, knees, spine, lower back and neck
• Keeps the spine agile, flexible and youthful
• Improves the functions of the heart, kidneys and lungs
• Instills tranquillity Massages the chest area
• Helps prevent the onset of arthritis